Jess Lacroix is a Canadian multi-disciplinary visual artist and graphic designer, whose artistic focus ranges from film photography to designing and building skateboard decks to mural painting pieces. Working internationally, under the name NoBadDays, Jess' inspiration is fuelled by travel, surf, skateboarding, neon signs, foreign cities and familiar passions.

Having exhibited photographic and painted works in California, New York City, Reykjavik (Iceland), Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Auckland, Canberra, Sydney, Byron Bay, and Melbourne, her work has appeared on buildings, skateparks, clothing, prints, surf and skateboards.

After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts between Canberra (The Australian National University) and her homecity of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Jess has kept inspired running a fine arts teaching program for children while travelling as a freelance graphic designer working with notable festivals, fashion designers and musicians. 

A common thread laced through Jess' widely multidisciplinary scope of work - from album artwork illustration to film photography documentaries investigating the California Dogtown skateboarding culture - is her thriving inspiration through travel to feed and influence her production, in abandoning the norm and convention, and in finding beauty in the inordinate.



Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia


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